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Mistakes in tenders are often the reason for mistakes in offers and the worst case could be the exclusion of tender produce.

Minimize the risk with some know how and the right software.
test your knowledge with our 5-minute-test
You can find the answers here.

GAEB - seminar 2019

Details for bidder & tender (an Introduction Seminar)

here you can learn the basics of GAEB - how to create and edit tenders and offers and exchange data.(content)

Details for advanced users (Advanced Seminar)

as a follow-up of the introduction seminar, we also offer an advanced seminar of different themes. (content)

Details individual company seminar

we also offer company-internal seminars, either at your office or at our company in Ludwigsfelde/Berlin. You can determine the contents of the seminar yourself. For further information, please call us at: phone. +49 3378 20279-11

If you order 6 weeks in advance, you will get a 10% discount!

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