IT for handycraft and building


Since 1990 T&T Datentechnik GmbH acts as a service provider and software developer in the building industry. Its software development focuses on data exchange with the use of GAEB files.

Our job profile involves:

developing software, that helps to convert and to attend to solicitation and offering files between data formats like GAEB, ÖNorm, DataNorm, Excel, Access, Word and PDF ...
developing software, that can create and convert measurements in data formats like REB 23.003 (D11), GAEB VB 23.004 (D12), GAEB-2000 (P89), Excel, Access, ...
checking and correcting defective GAEB files, converting different desired formats, e.g. GAEB
supporting and introducing building and standard software
designing and supporting crm-system "Cobra"
integrating internet- and communication solutions
setting up and supporting networks
scheduling and developing individual software solutions

We invite you, to explore our website. If you need further information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone and email or take advantage of our remote service.